What Are Some Examples of Questions for a Geography Quiz?

What Are Some Examples of Questions for a Geography Quiz?

"Which two countries lie on the island of Hispaniola?" and "Which American state is nicknamed the Empire State?" are questions that can be used for a geography quiz. Haiti and the Dominican Republic occupy Hispaniola, while New York is called the Empire State.

Washington, D.C., is the answer to, "Dulles International Airport serves which American city?" Canada is the answer to, "In which country are the Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake?" and the Tasman Sea solves, "Which sea lies between Australia and New Zealand?"

The answers to, "The Ross and Weddell Seas lap the shore of which continent?" and "Mauritius is found in which ocean?" are, respectively, Antarctica and the Indian Ocean. The Arctic Circle answers the question, "Which line of latitude is at 66º33’ N?"

Lebanon is the answer to, "Which country’s flag includes a cedar tree?" Libya answers the question, "Which national flag is the only one in the world to be a single color with no design or insignia?"

Finland is the answer to, "In which country is the province of Lapland located?" while an exclave describes, "What term is given to a territory that is part of a country but is surrounded by other countries so it is physically separate from the rest of the country?"