What Are Some Examples of a Process Paragraph?

A process paragraph provides detailed instructions to the reader on how to accomplish a specific task. The instructions should always be clear and customized for the specific audience who reads them. An example of a process paragraph on ways to make breaking up with a significant other easier begins by explaining how many steps there are to the process. What follows are detailed steps regarding what to do as well as explanations for why the reader should follow these instructions.

Before composing a process paragraph, the writer should narrow his topic and determine who his specific audience is. Next, he creates a topic sentence explaining what the intended result of this process is. After this, he brainstorms all of the different ideas that help to achieve this result. Afterwards, he evaluates these ideas and eliminates anything that is not directly tied to achieving this result.

Next, the writer creates an outline for the paragraph, including the specific steps. Using this outline, he then creates a draft of the paragraph, using transitional expressions in order to express the specific order of the instructions. Afterwards, he revises the draft for additional clarity, including proofreading the entire paragraph. Such proofreading should account for errors in punctuation, spelling, mechanics or overall grammar that negatively impact reader understanding.