What Are Some Examples of a Press Release?


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Example of press releases include the White House release regarding the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the NFL Players Association statement regarding Tom Brady, and the Apple release announcing that James Bell joined its board of directors. The White House press release is a statement from the president, the Players Association release is from its executive director, and the Apple release is a corporate statement with press contact information.

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The October 2015 press release from the White House regarding the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Winner is a statement from President Barack Obama congratulating the recipients, Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet. It mentions the importance of peace and security in Africa and the Middle East, and it describes the Quartet's role in working toward those goals.

The NFL Players Association press release in September 2015 is a statement from its executive director applauding a federal judge for siding with NFL player Tom Brady over the NFL commissioner. It states in part that the commissioner does not have the authority to violate the league's collective bargaining agreement without just cause.

Apple announced that James Bell joined its board of directors in a press release in October 2015, detailing his past experience and membership on other boards. The release contains statements of support from Apple CEO Tim Cook, as well as Chairman Art Levinson.

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