What are some examples of predicate nominatives?


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This sentence is an example of a sentence with a predicate nominative. In this instance, the noun "example" is the predicate nominative, as it is the noun that identifies itself with the subject "this sentence." Crucially, it also follows a linking verb which serves to equate both subject and predicate nominative.

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Another example of a sentence with a predicate nominative is "A baby���s first words are important developmental milestones." Here, the predicate nominative "milestones" serves to qualify the subject "words" and links to it with the verb "are." In the sentence "Congress is a legislative body," the word "body" is the predicate nominative, as it refers directly back to "Congress," linked by the verb "is." Yet another example is "Stanley Kubrick was a film director"; here, "director" is the predicate nominative, describing the subject "Stanley Kubrick."

A predicate nominative complements - which is to say that it identifies, qualifies, or helps clarify - the subject of a sentence or phrase contained within it. It is a word or group of words that has to follow a linking verb or verb phrase that is usually some form of the verb "to be," such as "is," "are," "was," "has been" and "can be." A predicate nominative is always a noun or pronoun that provides information that categorizes the subject in some way.

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