What Are Some Examples of Possessive Nouns?


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Examples of possessive nouns include the word "dog's" in the phrase "the dog's bone," "California's" in "California's climate" and "parents'" in "parents' worries." When a possessive noun is used, it indicates that the following noun belongs to the possessive noun. Names, objects and ideas are often used as possessive nouns.

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What Are Some Examples of Possessive Nouns?
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Possessive nouns are formed by adding an apostrophe and the letter "s" to the end of the noun. If the noun already ends in the letter "s," the apostrophe is placed after that "s" and no additional letters are added. Apostrophe placement indicates whether the noun is singular or plural.

In many other languages, the word "of" is commonly used to indicate possession. This is also done in English, but possessive nouns are more common.

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