What Are Examples of Personification?

Examples of personification include phrases such as, "The flower is dancing in the wind," "The fire swallowed the forest," and "The wind howled in the night." Personification is the act of adding human traits to an inanimate object or non-human animal even though it is impossible for objects to experience human feelings or perform human actions.

Personification is often used as a means to create more understanding for a concept or idea. Applying human traits to the description allows humans to relate to the example and make a connection between their lives and the idea.

Additional examples of personification may include referring to a vehicle as a "she" or "he," assigning human qualities to an object or using phrases such as, "The run-down house seemed depressed." Realistically, houses cannot experience depression, but by using personification, the description seems more real to the reader or recipient of the message.

Personification is also often used as a means to explain incidents in a comical manner. For example, a person who has fallen on the sidewalk may say, "I tripped because the curb jumped out in front of me," even though it is not possible for the curb to move to cause an accident or a person to misstep.