What Are Examples of Nursing School Interview Questions?

examples-nursing-school-interview-questions Credit: Samuel Mann/CC-BY 2.0

A nursing school interviewer may ask a question about why an individual desires to become a nurse, what the candidate finds challenging or rewarding about nursing, how to handle difficult situations or questions about patient care. Nursing school interview questions are designed to reveal a candidate's overall dedication and passion for nursing.

In answering why an individual wants to become a nurse, a candidate must convey what the nursing profession means to him or her. In approaching questions regarding what candidates find most challenging about nursing, the interviewer wants to know how they would deal with and resolve difficult situations. The nurse candidate should be prepared to answer questions about handling rude or difficult patients. Because nurses often work closely with doctors, they should expect a question about being given a doctor's order that they find questionable. Similarly, an interviewer might ask how a nurse handles disagreements with supervisors.

The interviewee may also be asked questions related to patient care. These questions involve providing examples of patient care, including outcomes that resulted from that care. An interviewer may also ask about working late hours or shift tardiness. A candidate should also be prepared to provide feedback on nursing field articles he or she has read.