What Are Examples of Nursing Research Questions?


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One nursing research question explores the effectiveness of Avapro in decreasing the need of elderly patients with heart failure and an ejection fraction of 40 percent to return to the hospital, notes the University of North Carolina. The best research questions relate to a specific case and facilitate discovering an answer.

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Moving from a case to a solid clinical nursing question requires attention to four aspects: the patient or problem, the intervention, exposure or prognostic factor, the comparison and the outcome. The mnemonic device that nursing students use to help them remember these four elements is PICO, as stated by the University of North Carolina.

When considering the patient or problem, relevant factors would include a description of patients with similarities to the case. The age, gender or race of a patient might be significant or the central problem or disease might be more important. The intervention refers to the test, drug, surgery or other steps that the medical team takes to solve the problem, reports the University of North Carolina.

Comparison looks at a primary alternative to the suggested intervention. Sometimes, the decision is between a drug and a placebo, between two different drugs or between two diagnostic tests. Outcomes indicate what the research student wants to measure or accomplish with the symptom. Whether the symptoms should be eliminated altogether or just relieved is the focus of this element, notes the University of North Carolina.

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