What Are Some Examples of Non-Denominational Rotary Club Invocations?


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Some examples of non-denominational Rotary Club invocations are "Spring Invocation," an invocation that expresses gratitude for success, and "Service," an invocation that talks about the attributes of serving others. Another non-denominational Rotary Club invocation is "Invocation - For An Auction," a poem that talks about Rotary Club's many accomplishments.

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"Spring Invocation" says that spring weather brings melting snow. The invocation expresses thanks for time and resources to spend serving others and that service brings joy.

"Service" is an invocation in the form of a poem. The poem says that service happens intentionally and that service builds friendships. Service puts helping others ahead of selfishness, the poem says, and that friendship and laughter are appropriate platforms for serving others.

"Invocation - For An Auction" urges listeners to think about the many good things that committed people accomplish through Rotary. The invocation says that rotary provides vaccinations, food and community improvement projects. The invocation asks listeners to express gratitude for the ability to meet as a group and accomplish good things.

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