What Are Some Examples of Newsletter Writing?

What Are Some Examples of Newsletter Writing?

PagesMag.com, NewsletterAuthority.com and ShawnGraham.me have curated examples of effective newsletters as well as tips for writing them. StockLayouts.com offers free sample layouts and templates for newsletter writing.

PagesMag.com offers sample newsletters for situations such as community college, client-company relationships and organizational news. For example, the community college newsletter is for an audience of international corporations. Each writing piece is topped with an attention-grabbing headline.

NewsletterAuthority.com includes links to both print and email newsletters that the company has created for its clients. The site includes a link to an article about what businesses should know about creating newsletters.

ShawnGraham.me gives readers advice on every aspect of newsletter writing, from the subject line to the layout. The site recommends that each newsletter include an engaging subject line, background information and a call to action.

StockLayouts.com helps writers create custom newsletters using premade templates. The templates designs target organizations such as golf resorts, homeowners associations and medical clinics. The site's sample newsletters are topic-specific. For example, the golf resort newsletter includes many pictures of the resort with articles about happenings at the resort. A homeowner's association newsletter offers several graphics related to home ownership and blurbs about what is going on in the neighborhood.