What Are Some Examples of Multiple Choice Questions on "AP Physics C: Mechanics"?


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As of 2014, the AP Physics C: Mechanics Exam contains multiple choice questions on a variety of topics, including kinematics, Newton's laws of motion, and work and energy. Other topics include systems and linear momentum, circular motion and rotation, and oscillations and gravitation.

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Each multiple choice question is written as a question or incomplete statement followed by five possible answers or completions, one of which is correct. Sometimes, multiple questions are based on a given set of information. For instance, the following information has two related questions: "The speed v of an automobile moving on a straight road is given in meters per second as a function of time t in seconds by the following equation: v(t) = 4 + 2t^3."

The related questions are: "What is the acceleration of the automobile at t = 2s?" and "How far has the automobile traveled in the interval between t = 0 and t = 2s?"

A multiple choice question that requires the test taker to complete a statement is: "If a particle moves in a plane so that its position is described by the functions x = A cos omega t and y = A sin omega t, the particle is a) moving with constant speed along a circle; b) moving with varying speed along a circle; c) moving with constant acceleration along a straight line; d) moving along a parabola; e) oscillating back and forth along a straight line."

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