What Are Some Examples of Modern English Names?

What Are Some Examples of Modern English Names?

Some examples of modern English names for girls are Willow, Jade, Harmony and Zoe. Modern English names for boys include Cooper, Levi, Maddox and Reed, as of 2015.

Modern names for girls often have unisex or edgy qualities, and some express themes touching on virtues and the environment. Examples of modern unisex names for girls include Drew, Hunter and Emerson. The spelling of many boy's names can be changed to be more feminine; one example of this is "Billie" to replace the more masculine "Billy."

Edgy modern names for girls include Zuri, Ziva and Xena. Virtue names define certain personality characteristics. Examples of these include Patience, Faith and Trinity. Virtue names are also great choices for middle names.

Modern parents sometimes choose names inspired by nature; examples of nature-inspired names for girls include Rain, Star, Laurel and Luna. Nature-inspired names for girls can also embody an environmentally conscious theme by playing with versions of the color green, as in the girls' names Emerald, Fern, Ireland and Holly.

Modern trends for boy's names include the use of last names as first names as well as edgy and cute, but cool names. Examples of last names that are used for first names include Smith, Cullen, London and Kennedy.