What Are Examples of Mechanical Projects That Students Can Do?

What Are Examples of Mechanical Projects That Students Can Do?

Examples of mechanical projects for students include building simple machines such as water clocks and catapults. More complex projects involve building water pumps and anti-gravity lifters as well as testing the laws of physics.

Building a water clock is a relatively easy mechanical project for students. The objective of the project is for students to design and build an effective water clock that actually tracks time.

Building a catapult also involves designing the machine first. After building a rubber band catapult, students test different settings to see which launches a ping pong ball the farthest and at what angle. Students can also build an Archimedes screw pump. Such a pump is relatively simple yet transfers water from a low-location to higher elevation.

A more detailed mechanical project for students is building an anti-gravity lifter. The specifications of the lifter are based on the Biefeld-Brown effect. For this project, students utilize high voltage batteries to create a situation in which the natural tendency of positive and negative poles causes a lifter to float over the ground.

Another mechanical project for students tests Hooke's Law, which states that a spring extends in direct proportion to the amount of force applied to it. Students create a system of hooks and springs on a three-dimensional board to test this law.