What Are Examples of Math Problems for 8th Graders?

What Are Examples of Math Problems for 8th Graders?

Problems appropriate for the curriculum guidelines for eighth grade math include simplifying expressions and equations, such as exponential fractions like 5^-3/5^-5. This fraction simplifies to 5^2, which is 25. The course also includes problems in the areas of the number system, geometry, functions and statistics.

Number system problems help the student to identify rational and irrational numbers. Other problems include converting a decimal number to a fraction, where the problem asks the student to convert 1.375 to a mixed number

Geometry problems include determining if two given shapes are similar or congruent. The student makes graphs of equations and begins to understand parent functions, translations and dilations.

As students learn about functions, they determine if a data set is a function. They look for any x-value that has more than one y-value in the data. The text asks students to look at a graph and determine if the relationship indicated is a function. They also work with equations to determine domain and range.

In statistics, students learn about basic scatter graphs and probability. They must create a scatter graph from a given data set and determine the best line to fit the data. Students then interpolate data using the line they drew. Students then apply the concept by collecting their own data and creating more scatter graphs.