What Are Some Examples of Long Vowel Words?

Some examples of long vowel words include long "a" words, such as "face," "cake," "graze," "state" and "name," along with long "e" words including "be," "she," "complete," "even" and "these." Long vowel sounds are also spelled by combining two or more vowels, such as the long "a" sound in "air," or the long "e" sound in "dream."

Long vowel words for the letter "i" include "find," "time," "drive," "idea" and "light." The long "i" sound can also sometimes be produced by an "ie" combination, as in "pie," "tried" and "tie." Long "i" words also use the letter "y" at times, as in "cry," "shy," "fly" and "rye." This is the only vowel sound using a letter that is not an actual vowel.

In general, the first vowel in a diphthong is the long vowel, and the second vowel is silent. Other long vowel combinations include "ai" and "ay," which also produce the long "a" sound, as in "sprain," "trail," "strait," "away" and "day." The combination of "ei" also creates a long "a" sound in words such as "weigh," "freight," "reign" and "veil," while "ea" and "ee" add to the choices of words offering the long "e" sound, such as "meat," "clean," "peak," "beep" and "screen."