What Are Some Examples of Kid-Friendly Games Used in the First in Math Program?


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Games in the First in Math program cover basic operations, measurements and fractions and decimals. First in Math organizes its games into six modules: Skill Sets, Just the Facts, Workout Gyms, Know and Show and Measurement World. The program also has additional bonus games.

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The Skill Sets module has eight skill sets, each containing games that teach and reinforce a wide range of basic skills from addition to algebra. The module utilizes the 24 Games, an innovative math-teaching method invented in 1988 by Robert Sun. Skill Sets games progress in an incremental fashion according to skill level.

Just the Facts is an assessment of the student's grasp of basic math facts. Workout Gyms are fast-paced games that progress from simple operations to fractions and decimals. With problems based on Common Core, Know and Show is preparation for standardized testing. The module organizes the material according to grade levels. Games in Measurement World cover time, distances and other forms of measurement.

Students can access bonus games after they master a pre-determined number of skills. The student's proficiency in different fields of math determines game content. The games identify where the student is struggling and present material that focuses on improving his performance in that area.

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