What are some examples of interjection words?


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���Yikes,��� ���Oh no��� and ���Holy cow!��� are all interjections because they convey only meaning or feeling and do not have a grammatical relationship with the rest of the sentence or contribute to the reader���s understanding of relationships between the sentence���s other words and phrases. Some interjections, such as ���Yes,��� ���No��� or ���Indeed,��� become different parts of speech when used in different contexts, while other interjections, such as ���Ouch!��� and ���Whoops,��� never convey meaning beyond the emotion they express.

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Interjections are often offset by a comma or followed by an exclamation point. Many interjections, such as ���Wow,��� ���No,��� ���Um,��� ���Well,��� ���Ouch��� and ���Hurray��� are single words, but interjections can also be multi-word phrases such as ���Oh well��� and ���My gosh.��� Interjections can occur at the beginning of a sentence, as in ���Excuse me, is someone sitting here?��� or at the end of a sentence, as in ���It���s snowing again, huh?���

Other examples of interjections and the feelings they convey include ���Oops,��� which conveys that someone has done or said something by accident; ���Ew,��� which conveys disgust; ���Yahoo,��� which conveys exhilaration; and ���Whoa,��� which expresses awe and surprise.

When the name of a person being addressed is unrelated to the rest of the sentence, as in ���John, go to bed,��� the name is considered an interjection.

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