What Are Some Examples of Idioms?


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Some English idioms include: "In the heat of the moment," "Once in a blue moon," and "Take it with a grain of salt." These idioms, which are expressions with figurative meanings, respectively mean: "Overwhelmed with what's happening," "Occurs very rarely," and "Do not take it too seriously."

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What Are Some Examples of Idioms?
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Idioms are special phrases or expressions commonly used in a figurative way. These phrases vary by language, culture, region, career or shared interest.

To "jump the gun" is to act too early. Conversely, "dragging your feet" is to act too slowly. To be "whistling Dixie" is to be overly positive, and to "have the blues" is to be sad or depressed. Something unexpected comes "out of the blue," and on a particularly rainy day, it's "raining cats and dogs."

An indecisive person is "on the fence," and an insane person is "off his rocker." When someone "lets sleeping dogs lie," he decides not to disturb a troublesome situation, and when he "lets the cat out of the bag," he reveals a secret. Something "adds insult to injury" when someone is simultaneously hurt and embarrassed.

Expensive repairs "cost an arm and a leg." When the repairman "cuts corners," he does poor work to save money. The unethical repairman is "crooked" and lacks "a spark of decency." When telling lies, he is "pulling her leg." When someone scams the repairman in return, he is "getting a taste of his own medicine."

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