What Are Some Examples of High School Logos?


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Examples of high school logos include pictures of a school's mascot, coats of arms and copycat designs intended to resemble university or professional sports logos. Schools that use a coat of arms often use a simpler secondary logo on sports equipment.

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An example of a high school logo that uses a mascot is the logo of North High School in Evansville, Indiana. This logo features a husky, the school's mascot. It has named its sports teams, each called the Huskies, after this mascot. The Evansville design firm Kitch & Schreiber designed the logo.

A high school logo that features a coat of arms is the logo of Decatur High School in Decatur, Alabama. This school's logo features a red and gold coat of arms and the school's motto of "pride, tradition, excellence." The logo does not include an image of the school's mascot, a Native American. The school's team name is the Red Raiders, and its sports equipment features a simple letter "D."

Freedom-South Riding High School in Loudoun County, Georgia, is a school that has featured a copycat university logo as part of its own logo. The school's former logo is a copy of Georgia Southern University's eagle image. As of 2015, the high school no longer uses this logo on helmets, uniforms or other gear due to legal action from the university, and licenses the logo for use on items it can't easily replace, such as walls and floors on campus.

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