What Are Some Examples of Grading Systems for Nursing Programs?


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Examples of grading systems for nursing programs include the University of Missouri's system, which incorporates letter grading for assessing performance and achievements and satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading scale for elective courses in its undergraduate program. New York University’s system for the undergraduate program uses letter grades with numerical and grade point average equivalents. It requires each student to obtain a minimum pass grade C in a set of courses before advancing to the next level and a 2.0 collective GPA per semester.

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The University of Missouri’s grading system accepts only one course each semester for assessment under the S/U system and does not include the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades in the GPA. Students who get unsatisfactory grades have to repeat the failed courses to pass and continue with the order of the program.

New York University places students with less than 2.0 collective GPA under academic probation and expels them from the program after they fail to pass in the following semester. Students who pass the repeated courses get the GPA calculated as the average of the two courses.

In special situations, NYU students can receive incomplete pass or fail grades in some courses depending on their performance during the semester. To get complete grades, the students complete the courses within the provided time limits, which can extend up to six months after the end of the semester. Those who fail to complete their coursework receive no credit or fail grades.

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