What Are Some Examples of Good Research Questions?

Some examples of good research questions are whether the events of Sept. 11, 2001 affected the career plans of students in the last year of high school at the time of the events and how does the education level of parents affect childhood obesity rates in Phoenix, Arizona. Another good research question asks what is the effect of early-childhood intervention programs on childhood obesity rates.

Whether the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 altered the career paths of high school seniors is a good research question because the question examines the association of an event with other possible things that occurred after the event. The question is good for research because it does not assume that an increased number of high school students opted to join the military after September 11 or that more students opted for college close to home in response to the events of September 11. The question also allows for a number of variables within the project such as studying the influence of parents, geographic location and the demographic information of the student.

Similarly, studying the obesity rates of children compared to parent education levels is another good research question because it also allows for a study of associations. The question is not so broad that it can be answered with statistics. Rather, it allows for comparisons of data in a way that allows the researcher to study the correlation between the two sets of information.

Examining the impact of childhood obesity intervention programs is a good research question because the question goes beyond asking only what intervention programs exist. The question requires both an investigation and an evaluation of the data that the researcher accumulates. The question allows the researcher to examine and discuss findings.