What Are Some Examples of Good Names for Babies?

Baby names change in popularity over the years. Parents have the option of going for classic baby names, which never fade out of style; unique baby names; or a name that reflects the trends of the current generation.

According to Bounty, some traditional baby names include Elizabeth, Christopher, Jane, Edward, Henrietta, Richard, Katherine, Johnathan, Madeline and William. Bounty claims that these are the top 10 traditional names.

The website Parenting lists the following names as unique options: Blessing, Bravery, Dolce, Essence, Glory, Happy, Jubilee, Passion, Merilee, Zest and Victory. The majority of these names are for girls, but Victory, Zest and Bravery are considered boy names.

Babycenter reports the most popular baby names of 2014. Girls names include: Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella, Mia, Zoe, Lily, Emily and Madelyn. The top 10 most popular names for boys are Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas, Noah, Mason, Ethan, Caden, Jacob and Logan.

For those who are torn over what name to select, Behind the Name gives some additional information about many of the names on these lists. For example, the name Elizabeth is reported as the Greek form of the Hebrew name which translates as "my God is abundance." This additional information may help aide in the selection process.