What Are Examples of Good Algebra II Books?

What Are Examples of Good Algebra II Books?

“Prentice-Hall Mathematics: Algebra 2” and “Holt Algebra 2: Student Edition 2007” are good algebra II books. Other good algebra II books are “Algebra II Workbook for Dummies” and “A-Plus Notes for Algebra."

“Prentice-Hall Mathematics: Algebra 2” provides an extensive coverage of high school mathematics. It contains instructions on algebra techniques and topics such as matrices and quadratic relations. The book has plenty of examples and exercises on the topics.

“Holt Algebra 2: Student Edition 2007” is suitable for slow learners. The book is readable and contains colored illustrations and examples on algebra topics. The topics include trigonometry, exponential functions and solutions to quadratic equations.

“Algebra II Workbook for Dummies” provides students with skills for solving algebra problems. A section of the book contains algebra one exercises that help the students build a foundation for algebra II. The rest of the book clarifies algebra concepts and provides explanations for problem solutions. The book covers topics such as matrices, conic sections and nonlinear systems.

“A-Plus Notes for Algebra” is a reference book that provides clear summary notes. The book’s step-by-step technique incorporates problem-solving instructions together with many exercises and examples. Its graphing calculator approach makes it suitable for students who are studying science-related courses.