What Are Examples of a Goal and an Objective?

One example of a goal could be to improve one's personal fitness over the course of the next year. Objectives toward accomplishing that goal might include losing 15 pounds, running a mile at a certain pace, eating five servings of fruit and vegetables every day while cutting out more fattening snacks, or not drinking soda.

Goals and objectives are both means to achieving long-term, measurable progress, but they are different processes. Goals are the desired end result of any number of efforts. A goal defines the desired result, changes the direction of the individual or organization toward the end result, changes the mindset of the individual or organization, and creates the need to set objectives.

Objectives are the tactics or steps that are used to achieve a goal. Since goals often test people's limits, it is most effective to break a goal into smaller steps that are more easily achieved one at a time. Each objective has a target and a set of methods used to hit the target. For example, the goal of paying off $1,000 of credit card debit could have three objectives: paying off $100 each month, not buying anything using that credit card, and working a set number of extra hours per week.