What Are Examples of Full Science Fair Projects?


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“Effect of Bernoulli's Principle on two near-by objects,” “Bottled-up Buoyancy: Working of Submarines,” “Working of a Hovercraft,” “Energy Conversions: Potential to Mechanical Energy” and “Refraction in Water” are examples of science fair projects. There are numerous websites hosting a huge collection of science fair project ideas.

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What Are Examples of Full Science Fair Projects?
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Sciencebuddies.org, Googlesciencefair.com, Sciencefair-projects.org, Education.com and Sciencebob.com are some of the websites that are helpful in choosing a science fair project idea. Most of these websites house a wide range of ideas that are organized based on factors including areas, subjects and topics. Some of the primary areas are engineering, life science, behavioral and social science, Earth and environmental science, and engineering. Each project idea is explained in detail and clear instructions are laid out on how to execute the projects. Most of the websites are free, while some charge for sharing information on project ideas.

As of 2015, Google conducts a science fair every year in association with Scientific American, National Geographic, Virgin Galactic and Lego. The official website of Google Science Fair houses an idea springboard, which is a search tool that helps in coming up with a project idea based on personal interests. The tool matches the user’s passion with a specific subject and topic.

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