What Are Some Examples of Friendly Letters for Kids to Write?

Examples of situations for children to write friendly letters include letters from vacation, emails about school activities, invitation letters and letters to Santa Claus. A friendly letter includes a heading, greeting, body, closing and signature.

A structured friendly letter should always start with a heading which includes the writer's address and the date of writing the letter.

The next part of the letter is the greeting. A traditional greeting starts with "Dear" followed by the recipient's name. However, other greetings suitable for a friendly letter include "Hi," "Hello," "Dearest," "Greetings" and "What's Happening."

Children use the body of the letter to execute the purpose of the message. For example, a friendly letter from vacation can include a trip to summer camp. The child tells the recipient about camp activities and new friends. Another example is a letter during a family vacation. The child can tell the recipient about the spot being visited and new activities the family members are trying.

A friendly email follows a similar structure except there won't be a heading. An example of a friendly email is a child telling the recipient about school activities, such as a school play or a spelling bee. An email or letter is suitable for detailing a new home after a child has moved. Children can also use the friendly letter format to write a letter to Santa Claus or to invite a friend over for a visit.

The closing typically consists of "Love" or "Your friend" followed by the child's signature.