What Are Examples of Football Inspirational Speeches?


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Examples of football inspirational speeches include Florida Gator Tim Tebow's "Promise" speech after a loss to Ole Miss in 2008, Ed Reed's rallying cry at Miami in 2001 during halftime against Florida State, and Al Pacino's final speech in the movie "Any Given Sunday." Victories followed all three speeches.

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Football and inspirational speeches go hand in hand, which is why so many football movies, such as "Any Given Sunday," are infused with motivational orations by head coaches or key players.

In today's era of technological advancement, the power of football inspirational speeches goes beyond the football field, and these speeches have the power to motivate people who aren't even involved in the game. Tebow's "Promise" speech has received hundreds of thousands of YouTube views along with hundreds of comments from viewers who relate stories about how Tebow's words motivated them to overcome non-football obstacles in their own lives. Reed's locker room speech video has received similar numbers of views and types of comments.

Additionally, professionals such as marriage counselors and addiction recovery specialists have used the "inch by inch" theme from Pacino's "Any Given Sunday" speech to relate the life lesson of fighting for every inch of what you want, whether that's a successful marriage or overcoming an addiction.

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