What Are Some Examples of Essays About Equality?

Martin Luther King Jr., a noteworthy American civil rights leader, wrote numerous essays about racial equality in America, and among his most well-known is the famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail," published in 1963. In addition to this, he wrote "Words for Striking Memphis Sanitation Workers" in 1968 to address unfair and unequal treatment of workers, according to World History Archives.

Famous 19th century political theorist and philosopher John Stuart Mill wrote essays about equality, including his 1869 essay about gender equality, entitled "The Subjection of Women," according to the University of Chicago Press. He also published a collection of essays about gender equality with his wife, Harriet Taylor Mill, titled "Early Essays on Marriage and Divorce," published in 1832.

Professor Michelle Alexander at the Moritz College of Law in at Ohio State is the author of both a book and an essay by the name of "The New Jim Crow," published in 2010, which focuses on racial inequality in the American legal and penal system, according to The American Prospect. In 1863, first-wave American feminists Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell published their work titled "Address on the Medical Education of Women," an essay about the value of equal access to education for women.