What Are Some Examples of ESL Lesson Plans?


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Some examples of English as a second language lesson plans are telephone conversations, homophones, British vs. American pronunciation, contractions, and U.S. geography and directional words. Typical categories for lesson plans are conversation, culture, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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When creating a lesson plan, instructors should consider how to break down the time allotted for the session, which is typically 55 minutes to an hour. Separate the lesson into three to six segments of approximately 10 to 20 minutes each to cover different aspects of the topic. Use different tactics to appeal to different learning styles and to ensure that students do not become bored. Students may write, speak or play a game within one lesson.

A lesson for the first day of class might begin with each of the students writing down questions on index cards that they would ask someone upon meeting him for the first time. The teacher chooses a student, has him introduce himself, then has a second student pull one of the cards and ask the first student the question. Next, students can work on tenses by interviewing each other in more informal groupings and asking what they like to do, what they did last week and what they expect to do next weekend. Finally, the teacher can quiz the students on things they learned about each other during class.

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