What Are Some Examples of Descriptive Paragraphs About a Person?


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The best places to find descriptive paragraphs about people are fiction narratives, according to About.com. Passages in which the narrator tells the reader about another character, often using specific imagery, are most likely to yield such paragraphs.

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From the short stories of Joyce Carol Oates to the novels of Stephen King, most fiction works employ descriptive paragraphs to help readers form mental pictures and concepts of characters. Common character features described in these kinds of paragraphs often include what the character looks like, what that person is doing, what intentions or attitude the character has, and any background information the narrator shares with the audience. The level of detail writers include in descriptive paragraphs depends on the purpose of the description and the writer's style. Some authors write thorough descriptions to give the reader a full picture of the character, while others prefer to let certain aspects of the character remain mysterious or up to the reader's imagination.

Students might have to write a descriptive paragraph about a person for creative writing assignments in which they create a fictional character, social studies assignments in which they describe a real historical figure, or book reports in which they must describe a character from the book in their own words.

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