What Are Some Examples of Controversial Speech Topics?

PersuasiveSpeechIdeas.org lists many controversial speech topics, such as if polygamy should be legalized and if single parents should be allowed to adopt. Another controversial topic surrounds the idea of euthanasia, or assisted suicide.

DebatePedia talks about the idea of polygamy and if it should be legal in countries like the United States. This social phenomenon has been legal in other countries for thousands of years and is even mentioned in the Christian Bible in several stories. Many Americans tie this idea into Mormon fundamentalist forms of polygamy.

On the issue of whether or not single parents should be able to adopt or not, the Gale Group indicates that 33 percent of children who were put into foster care were later adopted by single parents. It is sometimes more difficult for single parents to adopt, however, because of the general belief that two parents in the home are better than one in providing a stable environment for children.

DebateWise.org talks about the pros and cons of euthanasia, which is commonly seen as physician-assisted suicide. Some of the pros for it are that it quickly ends the life of terminally ill patients, it reduces the spread of disease, and it removes the economic burden placed on the family members of the sick. Some cons include the idea that it is murder, it gives physicians too much power, and it questions the sacredness of life.