What Are Some Examples of Congratulations Messages?

Congratulatory messages vary depending on the occasion. Graduations, weddings, anniversaries and job promotions are examples of occasions that merit a congratulations message. SampleMessages.com lists examples of messages for these occasions.

An example of a graduation message found on SimpleMessages.com is "It was your hard work and dedication that is responsible for what you are today. Congratulations and best of luck for your future." Another graduation sample message is "Education is a weapon that can help you win the world without wielding a weapon. Congratulations on being a graduate today."

One wedding anniversary message sample says "A wedding anniversary is a special day to celebrate love and togetherness and on this special day of yours, I'm wishing you many more happy years to come. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to both of you." Engagements are also often congratulated and one example of a message for this occasion is "My best wishes are with you on your engagement day. May God bless is you, is all I want to say."

New jobs are congratulated as well as promotions. An example of a congratulations message for a new job is "It's party time as you have made your way toward a prestigious organization. My best wishes to you on getting a new job. Congrats!" These messages are appropriate to send to relatives, friends and co-workers.