What Are Some Examples of Commonly Used Nouns?


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The most common nouns in English are words referring to categories of time, general concepts such as "way," and some human beings. These nouns are among the top 10 most used, according to Linguasorb.

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Three of the five most commonly used nouns in English are measurements of time: "time," "year" and "day," in the first, second, and fifth positions. Other nouns in the top 10, such as "way" in fourth place, "thing" in seventh place, and "life" in ninth rank, refer to broad, abstract concepts often employed in writing. The other nouns in the top 10 are human beings, individually or as a group. "People" comes third, and three more specific nouns, "man," "woman" and "child," sixth, eighth and 10th respectively.

The rest of the top 100 list of commonly used nouns is heavy on names for organizations such as "school," "state," and "family," and occupations such as "president" and "student" join the list.

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