What Are Examples of Cbse Class 12 Board Papers?

What Are Examples of Cbse Class 12 Board Papers?

Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE, class 12 board features mathematics, physics, economics, accountancy and history papers, as of 2015. The class 12 curriculum also includes biology, chemistry, political science, geography and English papers. In addition, CBSE offers optional papers such as entrepreneurship, psychology, computer science, philosophy and biotechnology.

CBSE conducts the class 12, equivalent to grade 12, board exams in science, commerce and arts streams. The CBSE board exams usually take place in the months of March and April. Students can find class 12 board curriculum, exam pattern and sample questions on CbseAcademic.in. The website, JagranJosh.com, also offers class 12 study materials, including solved sample papers and practice question papers, as well as exam tips and strategies.

The exam duration for each mandatory paper is three hours. The physics, chemistry and biology papers feature 30 questions each, with maximum marks of 70. The remaining 30 marks correspond to the practical exams. Mathematics and English papers have maximum marks of 100.

The class 12 physics syllabus includes topics such as wave and ray optics, alternating current, radiations and electromagnetism. The math syllabus features matrices and determinants, integral calculus, vectors and probability.

CBSE is India’s primary governing body for education that conducts class 10 and class 12 board exams in its affiliated schools across the country.