What Are Some Examples of Cajun Baby Names?

Baby names such as Abella, Lydiane and Sidonie for girls and Aristide, Lazare and Zephirin for boys are among traditional Cajun baby names. The meaning of the name Abella in French is "breath," and Lazare means "God has helped." Zephirin refers to a soft wind in Greek, where the name originated. The name Sidonie is a French baby name with origins in Latin and refers to a woman of the ancient city, Sidon.

Among Cajun names for boys are Etienne, which is the French form of Stephen, and Loic, which means "famed warrior." Leonie, a variation on the Latin word for lion, is an appropriate Cajun name for a girl, as is Noelie, a variation of Noelle, meaning "born on Christmas."

The girl's name, Acadia, originates from Acadia, and Evangeline, another Cajun girl's name, was the title of Longfellow's poem about the deportation of Acadian Canadians to Louisiana. The French language and Catholicism are also key parts of Cajun history and culture. While many Cajun names are French, most have roots in Latin, Greek and southern United States culture. The boys' names, Emeric, meaning "work" and "ruler" in French, and Bruno, although of Germanic origin with various meanings ("armor," "brown" and "shining"), are among classic Cajun names.