What Are Some Examples of Biblical Names for Girls?


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The Bible contains many girls' names, such as Ruth and Rebecca, which have become common across the Western world. Others, such as Jezebel, are far less common, mainly due to either the difficulty of pronouncing or spelling the name, its connotations, or both.

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Commonly used biblical names for girls include Abigail, who was the wife of King David; Deborah, who was one of 12 judges of Israel before the anointing of King Saul; and Eve, who was the first woman. Less-common names include Damaris, Dorcas and Drusilla, all of which appear in the Latin and Greek translations of the Bible. Naomi, Rachel and Oprah are all Hebrew names from the Old Testament. They mean, respectively, "beautiful," "sheep" and "a fawn."

Although the Bible represents many of these female characters in a positive light, making them popular choices for naming baby girls, parents avoid the names of some female figures due to their depictions in holy scripture. Delilah, for example, was a dishonest woman of Gaza who tricked Samson into giving up the secret of his strength and betrayed him to Israel's enemies. The Bible also paints a negative picture of Hagar, as she was Abraham's servant, who bore Ishmael and was cast out from her house into exile.

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