What Are Some Examples of Baby Names With an African Origin?

What Are Some Examples of Baby Names With an African Origin?

Baby names with African origins include Afua, Chipo, Simba, Zuberi and Jojo. Other African baby names include Cayman which means "alligator" and Mirembe which means "woman of peace."

A name is considered an important rite of passage in African culture. Many African names are religious and all names have a specific meaning associated with them.

The name Afua, which means "born on Friday," is a female name that is popular in Ghana. Alternative spellings for the name Afua include Efua and Afia.

Another name of African origin is Chipo, which means "present" or "gift." Chipo is a female name from the Shona language. The notable actress Chipo Chung uses this name.

Simba, which means "lion," is a male name of Swahili origin. Other African male names include Zuberi and Jojo.

The name Zuberi means "powerful." Zuberi is a popular name in eastern Africa and can be used as a first name or surname. The name Jojo is a form of Joseph that means "God raises."

Some African names that are used for both males and females include Katlego, Makena and Masego. Katlego, which means "achieving," is usually more popular for boys. The Swahili name Makena is more common with girls and means "delighted." The name Masego means "divine favor" and is popular in Botswana.