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To properly write in American Sociological Association, or ASA, style, all page margins should measure 1 1/4 inches, unless specified differently by the instructor or journal involved. Writers use a 12-point font in the text, and the content is organized using a maximum three tiers of subheadings.

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The title page of an ASA manuscript should list the author(s) and relevant institutions vertically, as well as provide a word count for the entire document that includes footnotes and references. The title page is followed by an abstract, which contains a brief summary of the manuscript's contents, stated ideally within 150-200 words. A list of three to five keywords closely associated with the work's major themes is also provided within the abstract.

While both footnotes and endnotes are allowed per ASA style, endnotes are more common. However, either one, if selected, should be used uniquely and sparingly. Notes are written in Arabic superscript numerals consecutively throughout the document, with all pages also being numbered (paginated) consecutively, including the title, abstract and reference pages. Tables and figures are also listed consecutively and labeled as follows: Table 1, Table 2, Table 3.

Bold fonts are not used when writing subheadings. Rather, first-level subheadings demand capital letters, while second and third level subheadings are both italicized and left-justified, with second level headings using title case.

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