What Are Some Examples of an Artist's Biography?

Some examples of information in an artist's biography are the name of the artist, where the artists lives or works, the type and themes of art produced, and any higher art education. An artist can include other relevant information, such as the artist's history of gallery shows or exhibitions.

More examples of information in an artist's biography are statements about what interested or influenced the artist, any press or media coverage, who the artist's mentors are, and any other art-related work to which the artist contributes. The biography is written in the third person and is concise. The structure is written in such a way that updates to the information are easily included or exchanged. The artist's biography also includes a recent photo of the artist.

While a biography does not necessarily sell art, it does provide information that is of interest to future clients, especially when it includes information about what style or influences the artist incorporates. It is a good idea for the artist to use another artist's biography as a reference or to ask another respected artist to read the biography and make suggestions. Most of the time, a well-written biography is used for multiple websites or forums that require a little information before the artist can participate.