What Are Some Examples of Appeal Letters?


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Samples of appeal letters Unemployment Over-payment Appeals, Financial Aid Appeal and Employment Termination Appeals. There are a number of sites that give samples of letters to look at and advice on how to properly format appeal letters in order to get the best results out the letter.

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In order to write a letter that will get the readers attention, the writer should start off with the proper formatting and salutation. This should be written on plain white paper, colored paper can look up professional. If this is a business or legal matter, then putting the letter on some kind of letterhead is recommended. The letter should have a personal salutation, such as "Dear Ms. Doe" or using any kind of title that goes along with their name.

Once the letter is properly addressed, then the first paragraph should be an introduction and clear indication of the reason for the letter. In order to make the letter professional there needs to be no emotions or emotional appeals in the letter. The writer should make it clear that the reasons that the denial, termination or repayment has been is understood. The body of the letter should also include clear reasons why the case should be appealed. If there are facts to support the reasoning for the appeal they should be included. The letter needs to be closed with a neutral but polite closing like cordially or sincerely.

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