What Are Some Examples of Algebra 2 Workbook Questions and Answers?

An example of an Algebra 2 workbook question asks students to identify the following property of real numbers: 5(10 + 2) = 5 X 10 + 5 X 2. The answer is that this is an example of the distributive property.

Students in Algebra 2 typically learn about such topics as equations and inequalities, matrices, quadratic functions, polynomials, and powers. They also learn about powers and roots, exponential and logarithmic functions, probability and statistics, and basic trigonometry.

An example of an algebraic expression is the following: 2t^2 - 3 when t = 4. The solution evaluates as follows: 2t^2 - 3 = 2(4)^2 - 3 = 2(16) - 3 = 32 - 3 = 29.

Sometimes Algebra 2 questions simply lead students into writing out the equations. For example, students learn how to calculate the slope of a line through points by using the following equation: m = y^2 - y^1 / x^2 - x^1. They utilize the following equation for the point-slope form of the line: y - y^1 = m(x - x^1).

Many Algebra 2 questions ask that students use a graph to solve or indicate algebraic equations. For example, students learn that a quadratic inequality with one variable can be written as follows: ax^2 + bx + c < 0. They then learn how to indicate that on a graph.