What Are Some Examples of African Names for Males?


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Some examples of African names for males include Abimbola, Akachi, Gwandoya, Jumaane and Simba. Commonly known as the name of a popular character in Disney's The Lion King, Simba is of eastern African or Swahili origin and means "lion."

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The African name Abimbola means "born wealthy" and is of west African or Yoruba origin. The name Akachi means "hand of God" and is of west African or Igbo origin. Gwandoya is an eastern African or Ganda name meaning "met with misery." Jumaane is an eastern African or Swahili name that means "born on Tuesday."

Another Swahili name for a male child born on a day of the week is Khamisi, meaning "born on Thursday." In west African or Akan traditions, the name Kofi means "born on Friday." Other names in Akan that indicate days of the week include Kwabena for Tuesday, Kwadwo for Monday, Kwaku for Wednesday, Kwame for Saturday and Kwasi for Sunday.

Southern African or Tumbuka male names include Masozi, meaning "tears," and Mavuto, meaning "troubles or problems." Chewa southern African names include Mayamiko, meaning "praise or gratitude," and Mayeso, meaning "test from God." All of these names can be used for females as well as males.

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