What Are Some Examples of Adjectives That Begin With the Letter M?


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Some examples of common adjectives that begin with the letter M are "mad," "mature," "meek," "magic" and "magnificent." Other adjectives that begin with M are "macabre," "meddlesome," "middling," "monogamous" and "muddled."

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"Macabre" refers to something gruesome or horrifying, especially if related to death. "Meddlesome" refers to someone who interferes or intrudes upon a matter unwantedly. "Middling" refers to something mediocre, ordinary or commonplace. "Middling" can also refer to something average in size or quantity. "Monogamous" refers to someone who only has one spouse or romantic partner at a time; the adjective is usually used in contrast with someone polygamous or someone who has many partners. "Muddled" indicates that something is mixed up in a confused or disorderly manner.

Another adjective that begins with M is "multitudinous," which refers to something very numerous or comprising many elements. "Muggy" is an adjective that applies to uncomfortably warm, humid and damp weather. "Meek" applies to someone who displays humble patience and kindness. "Meek" is sometimes applied negatively to a timid and overly submissive person. "Mousy" is another negative adjective applied to a timid person lacking charisma.

"Morose" refers to a person or environment that exhibits gloom in a quiet or subtle manner. "Mettlesome," a homophone of "meddlesome," applies to a courageous person. "Mephistophelian," one of the longest adjectives to begin with M, refers to someone with devil-like qualities. This adjective primarily derives from the Devil's cunning or wickedness.

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