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Examples of successful abstract writing include Sophia Estante's abstract for "Margaret C. Anderson's Little Review" and Amanda Babin's abstract for "Subtype of Autism: Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia," according to Wisc.edu. A list of abstracts from fields such as humanities, social science, hard science and service projects is available from Wisc.edu. The abstracts on the list were written at different points in the research's progress and serve different functions. Some abstracts predict results, while others include almost final results.

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Estante's abstract explains that the project examines Anderson's work on the magazine "Little Review," using it as a case to argue that little magazine publishing can be considered a literary art. The abstract explains that this research objective is different from that of existing research, and also mentions the sources used.

Babin's abstract opens with an explanation of the research's objective: to identify a subtype of autism. The abstract then outlines the research process and hints at the conclusion Babin draws, calling for people to view autistic people more as individuals.

A guide to abstract writing is available at WikiHow.com. The guide explains that it is a good idea to write the abstract after the paper is finished so that it can provide a complete overview of the work. WikiHow.com also recommends considering the paper's audience, having a strong purpose in mind and clearly explaining problems, methods and purposes.

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