What Are Examples of 8th Grade Level Science Projects?


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Examples of eighth-grade science projects include determining if tea and coffee stains teeth and examining the principles of flight using kites. Many eight grade students also complete a science project that requires the student to create a levitating orb.

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To study coffee and tea's staining effects on teeth, students need hollowed-out egg shells, coffee, tea, cola and containers. Students fill each of the containers with one of the liquids. Next, they put at least one of the egg shells in each container. Students then monitor the shells by lifting them from the liquid each day to note changes in color. With the results, students report on changes in shell color compared to the other shells and relative to the original shell color.

Similarly, using kites, students study the principles of aerodynamics. In the experiment, they make a kite and tails for the kite in varying lengths. Students then fly the kite with each of the tails, observing the differences in flight among each of the tail lengths. They also study the kite's flight with two tails. In addition, varying the length of the kite's string produces additional changes in flight that students can study.

To make a levitating orb, students need several strands of mylar and a PVC pipe. They tie the mylar together into the shape of an orb and then rub the pipe against a student's hair to give it an electric charge. When the students hold the mylar orb above the PVC pipe, static charges cause the mylar to repel from the pipe and float in the air.

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