What Are Some Examples of 7th Grade Math Problems?


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One example of a seventh grade math problem includes listing the multiples of a certain number like "find all the multiples of the numbers 50 and 95." Another example is solving an equation such as "(12 ÷ 6) + 7" using the order of operations.

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According to Khan Academy, seventh grade introduces math concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing negative numbers; understanding the laws of probability; and working on two-step equations. Much of the seventh grade curriculum builds on skills mastered in the sixth grade while adding entirely new concepts.

Math Worksheets 4 Kids offers a wide variety of worksheets on seventh grade math topics such as simplifying equations, finding percentages and solving for the unknown. An example of simplifying an absolute value equation is "4 - |-3| = ?" An example of a percentage problem is "10 percent of what number is 8?" An example of solving for the unknown is "If lnX = 3.4533, what is X?"

myTestBook.com gives examples of word problems that seventh graders encounter. An example is calculating the amount of interest a specific amount of money accrues. For example, "Todd deposited $100 into a bank account that offered a 7 percent interest rate per year. How much interest will Todd's money have earned after three years?"

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