What Are Examples of 4-Letter Words Ending in Q?


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Some four-letter words ending in the letter q are marq, torq, souq, jelq, freq, Iraq and dinq. Some of these are abbreviations for other words, while others are slang terms or names of countries. The French term cinq is another example, referring to the number five.

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Some four-letter words ending in q are abbreviations for longer words. For example, the four-letter abbreviation "marq" is a shorthand for the word marquis. The four-letter term "freq" is an abbreviation for either frequency or frequentative.

Other four-letter words ending in q are slang terms. For example, the word dinq, also spelled dink, is a slang term meaning a delinquent or someone who is not making enough progress in his personal qualifications. An example sentence on WordSense goes, "My mate is so dinq that he could get 100 signatures a day and he'd still be behind."

A torq, which is also sometimes spelled torc or torque, is a stiff, metal neck ring that is usually open at the front, worn by various ancient cultures during the European Iron Age between the eighth century B.C. to the third century. A souq is a term for a street market where people buy and sell goods, especially in Arabic-speaking countries.

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