What Are Some Examples of 3rd Grade Vocabulary?


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Third-grade vocabulary words such as "actual," "predict" and "wisdom" appear on a free, printable list at Flocabulary.com. Researchers compile this list by analyzing words in common third-grade textbooks and basal readers and comparing them to those on standardized tests. They include the most frequently used words in their vocabulary lists.

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Researchers divide vocabulary words into several levels or tiers. Tier One includes basic words such as "the" and "book" that children recognize easily. Since most children learn these words without being taught, graded vocabulary lists do not usually include them. Tier Two contains words usually requiring direct instruction and therefore appear on vocabulary lists created for various grade levels. These words often have multiple meanings and the meanings are generally more precise and specific than Tier One Words. For example, a kindergarten student understands the word "say" while a third grader learns words such as "confess," "remark" and "accuse." Students improve both reading comprehension and oral and written communication skills as they master these words. However, mastery of vocabulary words must begin at a lower level and progress as students mature. A third-grade student needs to master words on first- and second-grade lists before beginning work on a third-grade vocabulary list.

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