What Is an Example of a Welcome Letter?


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A welcome letter serves the purpose of welcoming new customers or employees to a company and creating a connection between the two. A welcome letter should be simple, be warm in tone and provide the reader with any pertinent information.

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Welcome letters are appropriate for a number of occasions, including greeting new employees or customers, thanking people for newsletter subscriptions, or thanking attendees at conferences or events.

Welcome letters should feel genuine and should express the company's gratitude at having a new customer or employee join their ranks. Be sure to include any necessary information, such as login information, passwords, supervisor names and titles, agendas, or the next steps to take in a process. A welcome letter allows the company an opportunity to thank readers for their time and loyalty and to retain their attention.

Keeping a welcome letter template saves time and energy. By using a template, it's easy to simply edit minor details and add the addressee's information and send it off without the fear of missing important information in the body. A consistent welcome letter ensures that all new customers or employees receive the same initial impression of the company as well as the same basic information.

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