What Is an Example of a Transitional Paragraph?


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"Despite the previous arguments, there are many reasons to think that El Pais' new government is not as democratic as typically believed," is an example of a transitional paragraph, according to The Writing Center of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Transitions connect previous information to new material.

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The quoted paragraph, taken out of context, implies that previous arguments proclaimed the democratic nature of the El Pais government. The author seeks to direct the reader's attention to evidence that, perhaps, El Pais' democratic reputation is not entirely true.

With this phrase, the author creates a transitional paragraph that incorporates what has been said already and ushers the reader into new verbal territory. Transitional paragraphs between sections are helpful for summing up the information contained in a previous section and leading the reader to a new section that builds on the previous one or proceeds in a different direction. On the other hand, transitions within paragraphs improve the organization of information and help readers appreciate new but related ideas.

The heart of a transitional paragraph often comes down to a few words, or transitional expressions, such as similarly, however, subsequently, for instance or beyond. These expressions highlight logical relationships between information the author presents and affect how the reader assimilates them.

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